Privacy Policy

§1 Browser Extension

§1.1 Browser Extension Permissions

These are the browser permissions Notyfy needs.

Permission Why

to keep track of your seen notification count and lists. content of notification count and lists is never sent or shared with anyone.

"alarms" to check in the background for new notifications.
"activeTab" to communicate the notification count back and forth with the list.
"cookies" to make requests with the already saved tokens without seeing or touching user credentials like passwords.
platform url to check the notification count and lists. Check to see which platforms are supported.

§2 Website

§2.1 Analytics

To be able to develop Notyfy in the best and most efficient way possible, we use analytics tools to get a high level, aggregated view of patterns in Notyfy. The following services are used for that. All data used is anonymized and aggregated, and can’t be tied back to you.

  • Google Analytics

§2.2 Advertising

Notyfy doesn't make use or show any ads.