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All in one place

All your notifications across your platforms show up well-arranged in one place. Clicking on the notification will guide you directly to the notification's platform and its content.

No login details required

Sensitive data like passwords are never read or stored. Notyfy sees which of the available platforms you're logged in and gets the notifications from them.


Notyfy uses highly optimized checks and saves tons of bandwidth; for instance that means for Facebook it only takes 0,002% of the size of the manual Facebook site check (Notyfy: 0.7kb to 58kb, Browsers: ~25mb).

Supported Platforms

Count List Link out Auto Login Size
Facebook Facebook check check check check 34.8 kb
Twitter Twitter check check check check 6 kb
Reddit Reddit check check check check 34.2 kb
Gmail Gmail check check check check 0.7 kb
Medium Medium check check check check 9.5 kb
StackOverflow StackOverflow check check check check 17.2 kb
Quora Quora check check check check 40.9 kb
LinkedIn LinkedIn check check check check 37.2 kb
GitHub GitHub check check check check 30+ kb
Product Hunt Product Hunt check check check check 15.2 kb

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Notyfy work?

Notyfy will periodically check for notifications of platforms that you are logged in to. Since this request is coming from the Chrome Extension through your browser, the requests will be identified as you and is able to check your notifications on your platforms.

The requests are super lightweight (from 0.7kb to 58kb) compared to, for instance, the ~25 mb Facebook page load.

Does Notyfy store anything of me?

Nothing is stored on servers. The only thing being locally stored for caching purposes are your notifications for a faster loading time.

Can Notyfy read all of my data?

No, Notyfy only reads the data of the platforms it supports. There is no permission given to read all your site data.